Two parallel public spaces

The permeable artificial ground level covers most of the site and slopes downwards from East to West. As a result there are two different levels of public space, the natural ground level and the artificial ground level. They have a parallel relationship in their inclination and create very inviting, interesting public spaces for locals and visitors alike. Importantly they also provide multiple access routes from both Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium and Tokyo Metropolitan Streets.

The artificial ground is made permeable by a series of voids puncturing its surface. These allow sunlight, wind and rain to penetrate to the ground level and provide green public space suitable to sustain vegetation on natural topography. Part of the existing parkland on the ground level is also retained under the large voids.

The two levels are utilised for the division of the spectators between main stand, side stand South, side stand North and back stand. Access to these stands is clearly divided between these two levels of public space, in accordance with FIFA regulations. By using the different levels of public space on the ground floor and artificial level, not only can the players and coaches of the teams be separated before the match. This spatial planning also separates VIP, media and the general public.

Floating flower

The stadium is like a single chrysanthemum floating in a field of green. The facade of the stadium is glazed. In front of the glass piano steel lines with an automatic water supply allow natural plant life to vertically cover the stadium in green. The buildings next to the stadium are the sports promotion facilities including a sports library, museum, shops, restaurants and public training centres. These too are surrounded by a light well and physically connect to the artificial ground via bridges. Multiple accesses can be achieved from the areas surrounding the site between the two different levels of public open space, the ground level and the artificial ground level.

Access Ring Surrounding the stadium

A void immediately surrounds the stadium. Acting as a light well this allows natural daylight to illuminate the basement level below. This private area provides a separate access route for players to enter the match, away from the spectators. The VIP areas are easily accessible from the Tokyo Metropolitan Road 418. The entrance provides the exclusive use of the elevators to directly reach the VIP floors (Z4 and Z5).

The suspended retractable roof

The stadium has a suspended roof structure, the centre of the roof is made of glass that is supported by an arch structure on vertical supports. The glass panels are remotely operated by computers to open and close automatically. This shortens the time to open and close the roof, therefore reducing the operation cost.

Status : Competition

Client : Japan Sport Council

Place : Tokyo, Jpn

Architecture and landscape : SHAA (Shoichi Haryu Architect & Associates), subcontracting with SHSH

Surface : 290000 m²

December 2012
Categorie: public space