"With Elektra Unbound, NTGent house artist Luanda Casella stages yet another Greek tragedy. Or so we are made to believe. Hunting the part of Elektra, three young auditioners copy women from literary classics, pop culture and social media. Only to reveal their own problematic sense of self."

Shizuka designed the location between present and ancient Greek times, an imaginative, simultaneously functional space for a unique tragical comedy for Luanda Casella.

cast with

Abigail Gypens, Bavo Buys, Emma Van Ammel, Luanda Casella, Lucius Romeo-Fromm

Diretion and Text: Luanda Casella
translation & surtitles: Werkhuisdirection: Luanda Caselladramaturgy: Joline Vermeulenmusic composition: Pablo Casellavideo design: Pablo Casella
light design: Dennis Diels
set design: Shizuka Hariu
costume design:Jo De Visscher

Close up images by Michiel Devijver_01

Février 2024
SHSH - Elektra UnboundSHSH - Elektra UnboundSHSH - Elektra UnboundSHSH - Elektra Unbound