New World (Uraufführung) Robert Binet

In the moment the universe was created the elements collide. Fire, water, earth and air mingle in an explosive tension between light and darkness. The Canadian Robert Binet has chosen three pieces by Nico Muhly as his inspiration for “New World”. The New York-based composer has already worked together with Björk and Philip Glass while simultaneously establishing himself on the music scene in his own right. The atmospheric landscapes evoked by his compositions “Four Studies”, “Honest Music” and “Quiet Music” furnish Robert Binet with the basis for a piece that fuses the extraordinary story of the creation of the universe with contemporary reality. Robert Binet is one of the most promising emerging talents of his generation. He was Choreographic Apprentice at Royal Ballet in London for 2012/13 and his currently work includes the post of Choreographic Associate at the National Ballet of Canada. (texts from Ballet Rhein website)

Scenography New World Concept

First, Scenography is representing the reflections of dancers’ bodily movements in a futuristic environment. There are Mirrors on a oval-shape and three stones. Black flat border is hiding a cloud in the beginning of the performance.
Towards the end of the performance, a refreshing cloud with flowers appears on the stage when the border goes up. It gives refreshing feeling of the New World with blight lighting effects.
New World scenography gives the absolute contrast between the futuristic spatial ambient and refreshing natural elements, both are metaphorically suggesting choreographer’s concept for New World. I hope this scenography work well with choreography, music and lighting as it is ultimately changing the scenes.

Choreography: Robert binet

Music : Nico Muhly

Music director: Jean Michael Lavoie

Scenography: Shizuka Hariu

Costume: Harriet Jung, Reid Barteime

Lighitng: Floriaan Ganzevoort

Piano: Hiroko Ishigame

Solovioline 1: Egor Grechishnikov / Emilian Piedicuta
Solovioline 2: Pascal Théry / Hyunmi Kim

Dancers: Doris Becker, Sonia Dvořák, Eleanor Freeman, Alexandra Inculet, Yuko Kato, Helen Clare Kinney, Aleksandra Liashenko, Cassie Martín, Virginia Segarra Vidal

Dancer:Brice Asnar, Yoav Bosidan, Rubén Cabaleiro Campo, Orazio di Bella, Philip Handschin, Alexandre Simões, Arthur Stashak, Daniel Vizcayo, Eric White

Orchestra: Düsseldorfer Symphoniker

Novembre 2018
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