This is an exhibition design project for the European Capitals of Culture 2000 Brussels.

A public space is like a landscape where things exist and where nothing has a definite use. A public space is a space that is constantly colonised, appropriated endlessly.
An object 8 metres wide and 45 metres long of variable height was hollowed, sculpted, deformed so that it could serve variously as a sofa, day-bed, information desk, lounge area, square, passageway, bar and so on.

The dimensions of this orange object is unique, therefore its use is dependant solely on the imagination. The object is both curious and powerful in its forms and yet at the same time an everyday object and welcoming in its texture and familiarity. The colour orange is unusual and violent whilst still be firmly anchored in the daily lives of all those who use public transport in Brussels. (Brussels has an orange colour Metro.)

In part A, the object stands out alternately as an intimate lounge area, a central area and various unspecified recesses. Whereas the orange object fills the space on the street side, the back part of the ground floor is left entirely free to accommodate the many activities that will take place during the year.

In part B , the orange object, which is now the height of a table, is transformed into an information desk. The horizontal surface is interrupted in the centre by a bump which begs questions and allows the display of merchandising in far more reasonable dimensions. Reading surfaces and computer space have been fitted around the table.

The orange object will outlive all the ages, styles and genres. For some it will be a comfortable meeting point, a shocking act, a play area, something to question, the side of an old hill that slides through space.

Client : Brussels 2000 asbl

Place : Brussels, Be

Architecture : Shin Bogdan Hagiwara, Thierry Decuypere, Jorn Aram Bihain (V+)

April 2000