The ICEC is a place where people discover, meet, learn and exchange ideas about the European Commission. Our design proposal is set as an enabling platform, which provides visitors with an experience with organic flows in a peaceful atmosphere. All generations of visitors, such as children, adolescents, adults and seniors can engage with interactive contents and multiple experiences, both in a digital and a physical manner. These experiences are personal rather than formalistic.

The concept of Human Flow in Nature is proposed to each visitor, who can rediscover the European Commission’s activities by experiencing a generous and  fluid organic space. The  finishing materials of both the architecture and the scenography are as sustainable as possible, pleasant to touch and with the right balance of digital content. Our proposal considers not only the architecture and scenography but also the communication strategies, both digital and physical and the balance between all of them to create an effective and engaging space.

The current Robert Schuman Square will become a new public space. Our ICEC proposal is strongly linked to the new square on both the groundfloor and the first floor levels to invite more pedestrians from the public square. SHSH proposes a new extended deck on the first floor, which becomes the new face of the architecture on this public square.

On the groundfloor, the new entrance is shared with the entrance at n°14 Schuman, providing a direct access from the main square level, facilitating the access for visitors. All the groundfloor is at the same level for people with reduced mobility and guides them into the lift.

At the top of the staircase, the reception desk welcomes the visitors and provides users with all the necessary information. On the left side, the cosy cafe and the multipurpose conference area are facing the square with a new terrace where visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the square. These spaces can also be used to host social gatherings and organise meet and greet sessions for exhibitions. On the right side, the display area is inviting visitors to discover Europe.

The whole facade looking towards the square and the Archimède Street are glazed. The ICEC is clearly seen as a public space open to the citizens.

client : European Commission

place : Brussels, Belgium

architecture : SHSH

digital content advisors : TenTwelve & Hovertone

type of commission : Competition

area : 515 m2

April 2018