SHSH was invited to present the design proposal to Design Museum in June 2016. Our proposal was chosen as the last three finalists for this competition at the refreshing new Design Museum in London.

“Fear and Love : Reactions to a Complex World presents eleven new installations by some of the most innovative and thought-provoking designers and architects working today. – Design Museum website”

The curatorial view questions what a designs function is today and what are designers roles in the complex society of our time.  In this way, our approach for this exhibition design = scenography, will also argue the approach of the exhibition design itself. Usually the exhibition design focus is to provide a universal space, neutral and supposedly versatile. Instead, we offer a multiplicity of specific scenes. Scenes will hopefully provoke, arouse, inspire, and create unexpected dialogue between the visitor and the installation.

Circular Exhibition Design

An inviting turmoil that displays the complexity of hidden issues...

A Circular shaped exhibition design space consists in showing the installations in an open space. Interaction between the installations is generated in a fluid circulation between them.

The ambition of this layout is to challenge the limits of freedom without boundaries, where the visitors could interpret a new narrative on how the progress of technology brings both comfort and insecurity.

This flexible layout leans on the possibility of opening or enclosing each installation, by carefully analysing which interactions are stimulating and which should be avoided.

In this proposal, there is a large fluid view of the big space. A dynamic rhythm in the journey of the circuit is created through a sequence of discovery and stepping back to view the space as a whole. Like a game of hide and seek, you must explore to discover. There is always something hiding.

The ambiance of this exhibition space is focused on lighting intensity and subtle colours. The organic, arts & craft textiles, recycled and new hybrid materials will be used in order to match the curatorial questions.

Client : Design Museum London

Curator : Justin McGuirk

Phase: Top three finalist for the competition stage

Exhibition Design Proposal: SHSH Architecture + Scenography

Shizuka Hariu & Shin Hagiwara

Sorcha Maguire , Giorgia Maretto, Yutaro Tsuji, Clara Noll, Vy Do


MDM Props UK : Russell Schofield

Showtex (fabric supplier) : Ana Onofre

Barbizon : Sandro Leon

November 2016
SHSH - Fear & LoveSHSH - Fear & LoveSHSH - Fear & LoveSHSH - Fear & LoveSHSH - Fear & LoveSHSH - Fear & Love