Tsunagu - Mimoza Koike / Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo

For this first series of performances of "L'Été Danse!

Mimoza Koike invites us to celebrate movement in a succession of stages that run through it and compose it. Like a series of apprenticeships and experiences, Tsunagu is a journey through life that pays tribute to the people and places that have shaped her artistic personality, her choreographic art imbued with naturalism, and her poetry.

Scenography 'Les Balais'

The entire environment creates the community and image between everyday life and imaginary space and time by choreographer Mimoza Koike. The beautiful moment of celebrating life is demonstrated in her choreography and will be shared with the audience.

This scenography is designed by composing hybrid metaphors, such as present time, nostalgic childhood and our future.

This scenography becomes the landscape of the narrative environment of the choreography. It offers the audience a celebratory atmosphere in our daily lives, simultaneously with precious moments in life.

The brooms are a nostalgic metaphor for our childhood, like cleaning the street with dead leaves, playing with flying witches and so on.

Then, behind the vertical wall of brooms, there is a curved metal grid wall that suggests our contemporary times. The simple lattice structure is slightly curved and embraces the space.

Then there is a bridge that the dancers can easily climb over because of the curves and angles. A man sometimes stands from the bridge, where he observes the central space from the elevated positions of the bridge, which gives another dimension to the scene.

Then, under the bridge, there are wooden pallets on which the dancers make sounds, drawers to put flowers, benches to rest on while other dancers make their narrative movements.

"TSUNAGU" (creation) - KOIKE
Choreography: Mimoza Koike
Set design: Shizuka Hariu/SHSH
Music: ilia Osokin
Costumes: Jean-Michel Lainé and Mimoza Koike
Lighting: Samuel Thery
Dramaturgy: Agnès Roux
Choreographic assistants: Gaëtan Morlotti and Asier Edeso
Set design assistants: Ema Pecenkovic and Diana Kucinska
Photography (Black &white) : Alice Blangero

Duration: 37 min

July 2021