This project is the creation a new town hall of Seraing in Belgium. It is located in the large void of the centre of the city and the purpose was to improve the urban connection between the church, office and the square.

The ground floor has a large square (piloti) and the public space is positioned on the horizontal volume of the first floor, whereas the vertical volume is planned for administration of the offices. In between these horizontal and vertical volumes, a canteen and a large terrace provides a refreshing working environment. The Northern facade has a glass wall in which small mirrors reflect the historical church.

Status : Competition

Client : Eriges Seraing

Place : Seraing, Be

Architecture : Shin Bogdan Hagiwara, Thierry Decuypere, Jorn Aram Bihain (V+), Building Building

Structure : Bollinger + Grohmann

Building services : Atlas Engineering

Facade : Van Santen et associés

Acoustic and building physics : Daidalos Peutz

January 2009
Categories: Architecture, office