This is the project of the new parliament and administration office for the French Community Commission of Brussels.

On the one hand a building for parliamentary activities and a ceremonial place where people can share a glass of champagne, and on the other hand an administrative building with the same very exacting demands for efficiency and technology as exist in the current offices.

First, the political area, such as meeting rooms, reception rooms and the president’s office, are installed in the huge trunk-of-wood-like volume with branches spreading through the building in different directions. Second, the administrative area are open and the offices are installed on rational and modular floors. The whole building is wrapped in glazed facades with vertical louvres in glass which soften the the day light and give multiple reflection.

Finally this is a parliament building which is neither too hierarchical and monumental (a too literal image of power), nor everyday and run of the mill (a falsely democratic image) nor too rigidly cold and logical (an image of frozen efficiency).

Status : Competition

Client : ACCF

Place : Brussels, Be

Architecture : Shin Bogdan Hagiwara, Thierry Decuypere, Jorn Aram Bihain, Warin (V+), Cooparch

Structure : La Ransbierre

June 2001
Categories: Architecture, office