This complex housing and art gallery is located in a densely built up residential area in the heart of Brussels. It includes an existing 16th century town house, an industrial building in the courtyard and another 18th century industrial building which currently serves as an auction house.

The original requirements consisted in the renovation of the town house and the construction of an art gallery in the courtyard. We discovered later that the project has to treat also the blind party wall on the other street which overlooks the plot. The client agreed to make a second family house on the top of the 18th century industrial building and thus hiding the existing party wall with a new perforated facade.

A walk on the ground floor brings the visitor to an art gallery built in the courtyard where he can enjoy views of the interior of the block and a small garden at the end of the property, whereas the main façade of the new house offers attractive views on the Marché aux Poissons.

Client : Private

Place : Brussels, Be

Architecture : Shin Bogdan Hagiwara, Thierry Decuypere, Jorn Aram Bihain (V+)

Structure : BAS

March 2010