How can we make an interactive performance event with a spectator?
Can the spectator be a performer in public space?Is it possible that this non hierarchical performance gives a hint to design new performance space?

Let’s play a game.

Please give me a story, I give you a paper crane...

The following Tea Time Stories were performed in Prague next to St. Ann Church.

The spectator picks up one card, all of three spectators choose‘What do you miss in your life?’.

Following the instruction, they started telling their story...

Reference 01

Picture-card show: Kamishibai

Story teller shows illustrations and changes the image as the story goes by. It was popular street performance for children before television became popular in Japan.The direct performance without the frame of theatre manners gives more accesibility for those children and enjoyable time without hesitation.

Reference 02

Fortune teller

There are may popular professional fortune tellers in Japan.Many women came and asked their future and listened to the fortune tellers’ advice. It becomes street performance and social service of communication in a big isolated city like Tokyo.

Place : Prague, Czech Republic

Production : Prague Quadrennial 2011

Art direction + Scenography : Shizuka Hariu

Performance : Shizuka Hariu and participating spectators

December 2012
Categorie: Art direction