Thierry De Mey
+ Trisha Brown Dance Cie
+ SHSH Architecture + Scenography

Solid Traces is a new installation presented at the opening of the Charleroi Danses Festival Biennale from 30th September to 17th October 2015.

The composer Thierry De Mey created an installation based on the traces of movements by choreographer Trisha Brown.

SHSH Architecture + Scenography has been designing this installation following the artistic vision of De Mey. The mathematical data of the motion captured computer data from the University of Mons was analysed, then used to redesign by means of architectural drawings, so that the installation could be constructed by technicians.

As a result the new installation is designed as an ephemeral sculpture, as solid traces of movements.

It is an exciting new discovery and experimental work of interdisciplinary design.

Biennale 2015 : Opening 30th September until the 17th October (admission free)

Concept, Artisti Direction: Thierry De Mey

Choreography: Trisha Brown

Dancers: Marc Crousillat & Leah Ives in Set and Reset, Trisha Brown Dance Company

Images: Aliocha Van der Avoort

Fild Editing: Boris Van der Avoort

Scenography & Installation Design: Shizuka Hariu/SHSH Architecture + Scenography

Capturing movements: Xavier Meeus

Sound:  Benoit Pelé

Technical team: Xavier Meeus, François Bodeux, Frédéric Barbier, Rémy Nelissen

Mathematical code: Joëlle Tilmanne, Mickaël Tits


Construction: Triline

Material and Architectural Consultant: Shin Hagiwara/SHSH Architecture + Scenography

Assistants SHSH: Ariane Chapelet, Claire Hoppenreys.

Production Charleroi Danses

Coproduction UMONS/numediart

Septembre 2015
SHSH - Solid TracesSHSH - Solid TracesSHSH - Solid TracesSHSH - Solid TracesSHSH - Solid TracesSHSH - Solid TracesSHSH - Solid Traces