Fortunately, I have designed the set and costume for the Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami, direction by Melly Still and adaptation by Bryony Lavery at the legendary Arcola Theatre in London. All the cast, creative and producing team brought this performance together. Highly recommended. TOne of my unforgettable theatre experiences.

The Guardian, 2nd november 2023 by Arfia Akbar

‘We know we are in a Murakami universe of stylised reality, reflected in a sharp and clever staging. Director Melly Still uses space and movement in inventive ways while Shizuka Hariu’s set design is a wonder, with a black pool on the stage floor, a swivelling white phone box as its centre...’

The Telegraph, by Marianka Swain

"Shizuka Hariu’s design revolves around the glowing phone box from which Sumire calls K in the middle of the night. It becomes a versatile prop, whether a pane of glass separating people, or a more mystical Tardis-like vehicle. As Sumire describes her fascination with Miu to K, she wraps the phone cord around all three of them – a tangled, unrequited love triangle.’

The Theatre Hub by Dulcie Godfrey

Much of this Sputnik Sweetheart is utterly captivating. It’s a mesmerising collaboration between Melly Still’s direction and Shizuka Hariu’s design. The result is an intricate physical interweaving of the bodies on stage around a set that provides an excellent medium to explore the complexities of the human condition. "

Westend Best Friends

" Shizuka Hariu’s set design provides a wonderful yet minimalist playground for the tight knit cast who play with the central set piece being a phone box. "

Many more positive reviews.

Writer of the book:Haruki Murakami

Playwright:Bryony Lavery

Director:Melly Still

Set, Costume, Props Designer: Shizuka Hariu

Lighting Designer: Malcolm Rippeth

Video Designer: Sonoko Obuchi

Composer and Sound Associate: Tatsujiro Oto

Stage Manager: Alex Jaouen

Production Manager: Josephine Tremelling for eStage

Assistant Set Design: Louise Jarry

Costume Supervisor: Defne Özdoğan

Assistant Director: Flo Winkley

Stage Management Placement: Carmela Birch

Stage Management Intern: Oliwia Rokowska

November 2023
SHSH - Sputnik SweetheartSHSH - Sputnik SweetheartSHSH - Sputnik SweetheartSHSH - Sputnik SweetheartSHSH - Sputnik SweetheartSHSH - Sputnik Sweetheart