Enhancing the Hotel Hannon and the objects on display means understanding the era, the issues and the aesthetics of Art Nouveau, and creating atmospheres with a similar attitude, without using the same vocabulary. Our inspiration is expressed in :

- A contemporary attitude, in line with our time, without competing with Art Nouveau
- Respect and harmony with the place, nature at the centre of Art and Beauty, the theme of women, the importance of natural light
- The return to craftsmanship, to a revaluation of workmanship, to the creation of beautiful utilitarian objects
- An intervention without style, timeless, fine, light, mobile and non-intrusive, which can be moved around the building as it is hung and as it undergoes renovation and transformation.


The scenography, in all its phases, is reversible because the furniture is simple and transportable and because the architectural interventions are minimal. The clear, one-way traffic flow is functional in normal and pandemic times. The garden being the first instance that the visitor will encounter on arriving at the premises of the Hannon Hotel, it is a fair and pleasant first impression. We want to make this natural "airlock" the first step towards an immersion in a world mixing art nouveau and contemporary. Just as Art Nouveau showed progress and beauty to the rescue of society, we are using materials that are worthy of our time and in harmony with the Hotel Hannon, such as wood, glass, yellow translucent resin and dark brown steel as well as patinated bronze.


Owner : Horta Museum
Location : Brussels
Status : finalist competition
Scenography : SHSH
Garden : Landinzicht
Flowers and plants : Thierry Boutemy
Furniture : Walnutsgroove
Ironwork : Atelier Oultremont
Photos : SHSH & Landinzicht

June 2021
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