The original morning market of Yuriage town was swallowed up by the tsunami in 2011. Before waiting the complex and delayed urbanistic decisions on the coastal line of Miyagi prefecture, the inhabitants of Yuriage town have strongly wished to start again one of their crucial activity which is the morning market, famous for the seafood in that area.

SHSH have backed up the Japanese architecture office SHAA (Shoichi Haryu Architects & Associates) for the visualisation and the preliminary design of the morning market.

After having organised symposia in RIBA and BOZAR in 2012 about reconstruction in North-East Japan, and having been commissioned the study for the "Invisible Needs of life" in Yuriage town by the VAI in 2013, it is one of the first concrete project where SHSH could participate to help local victims.

SHSH is delighted to see the construction of the 1st phase which will be completed in November 2013.

August 2013
SHSH - Yuriage Morning MarketSHSH - Yuriage Morning Market