This project is a new apartment building which is located in the corner of the Ophem street and De Witte de Haelen street in the centre of Brussels.

The new 6 floor apartment block has a curved corner in order to respect city scape and use the line of the existing street. The volume and height of the building is not going to disturb the neighbour by considering to protect as much as open skyline for neighbourhood buildings. Each apartment has a terrace which provides fresh air and a open plan living and dining room. On the top floor, there are two duplex apartments in order to give the best view of the street side from each apartment.

The ground floor and the basement provide parking for it's residents, avoiding the common problem of parking in this dense area of the city.

The facade of the building is slightly textured in stainless steel, which will beautifully spread the street lights. The project has been considered as a low-energy building.

Client : Private

Place : Brussels, Be

Architecture : SHSH

Structure : JZH

Septembre 2022
Categories: Architecture, housing