This examination is to try out the spontaneous event to make our own beds with cardboard boxes with a few people in public space.The idea comes from two different sources:

Point 1: Emergency situation : life in public without the security of architecture/roof.After a natural disaster or human confrontation, people have sometimes to sleep in public space.

For instance, as happened with the biggest earthquake and Tsunami hit in North-East Japan on the 11th March 2011. There are about 150,000 people who have lost their life and 60,000 emergency houses are officially required. There were still about 15,000 people living in public emergency shelters after three months of the natural disasters. There are many reasons that people are living in public space or sleeping rough in public. The homeless research association in Japan have built temporary cardboard houses in the winter time to protect the people from the cold. Eventually, cardboard box house will provide 10 degree more than the outside temperature.The event Make your own bed is a metaphoric demonstration, so that the public and the participants can feel the condition of the emergency.

Point 2: Private activity in public space to discover the relationship between daily activity and public space.In Prague, each performer has 4 cardboard boxes, which are more like ephemeral and daily products. It gives us the opportunity to consider the challenge of making our own beds. The way in which we perform is to find a comfortable space to choose sleeping positions in public, that is to protect ourselves from the public gaze while we sleep.

Place : Prague, Czech Republic

Production : Prague Quadrennial 2011

Art direction + Scenography : Shizuka Hariu

Performace : Shizuka Hariu with play BAUHAUS

June 2012
Categorie: installation art