The scenography truly realises the title of the performance, ‘Cloud/Crowd’ visually. Large scale of cloud structure is set above the stage which its volume and height can be transformed throughout the performance. It allows both audiences and performers to fully experience the metamorphosis of the cloud. At the first scene, the Cloud is placed overhead which provides dancers a large dance space on the stage. As the performance continues, the cloud is slowly lowered and it emphasises the dynamic movement of the dancers. At the second scene, the Cloud is transformed into a backdrop scenography, it is sometimes lifted up and down to enable dancers to enter or leave the stage, this movement of the Cloud gives the feeling that the dancers are performing in the sky.

New material is used for the Cloud scenography, a hybrid material combining organza and cotton. Cotton is placed by hand carefully on the organza, in order to create three-dimensional texture and invites performers and audience into the imaginative landscape. In contrast to the light soft cloud, the wooden pallets are used metaphorically in various parts of the stage to form sea wall and island like volumes. It acts as a reminder of reality and everyday life.

One of the challenges in this project is to explore the great amount of depth from the front to backstage at the New National Theatre Tokyo and turn it into imaginative visual aspects. A transparent screen is installed behind the Cloud, the position of the screen is carefully calculated and it is used to further exaggerate the depth by approximately 50m with the help of the stand lights. It also gives different perspectives, reflections of the stage and dancers appear on the screen in some of the lighting effects. It creates a surreal mirage effect where dancers look as if they are floating.

Overall, the Cloud is performing alongside the performers and the scenography provides a different ambience for the space continuously.


Japon Dance Project

Director : Japon Dance Project

Producer : New National Theatre Tokyo

Le Logoscope (Monaco)

Place : New National Theatre Tokyo, Japan

Choreograhers : Yasuyuki Endo, Naoya Aoki, MasahiroYanagimoto, Mimoza Koike, Hokuto Kodama

Guest dancers : Kenta Kojiri, Yui Yonezawa, Ayako Ono, Akimitsu Yahata, Chiaki Horita, Mikio Kato

Scenography : Shizuka Hariu

Lighting : Hisashi Adachi

Music : Davy Bergier

Costume : Hisashi Adachi

Stage manager : Hajime Morioka

Modelmaking : Agnes Tai

August 2014
SHSH - Cloud / CrowdSHSH - Cloud / CrowdSHSH - Cloud / CrowdSHSH - Cloud / CrowdSHSH - Cloud / Crowd